Stave Church Songs

Martyred Saints & Sister Bells


This new album from Elisabeth Holmertz, Anders Røine, Harald Skullerud and Elisabeth Vatn has a strong historical connection and is based on a notation for a medieval sequence dating back to the 12th century.
Oluf Dimitri Røe

Meltemi - Wind of Mykonos

Oluf Dimitri Røe

A Greek-Norwegian musical journey.
cover_er det runir

Er det runir

Svein Westad, Halvor Håkanes, Anne Svånaug Haugan & Svein Stensaker

Medieval ballads and old tunes in new arrangements.

Moder Norge


The trio Tindra performs irresistibly charming folk music with drive and a sense for the small, fine details.

Hommage à Ole Bull

Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland

With this record Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland commemorate the fabulous work of Norwegian composer and violinist Ole Bull

White Night - Impressions of Norwegian Folk Music

Norwegian Soloists’ Choir

The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir explores the complex landscape of folk music

Áiggi Askkis - An Introduction to

Mari Boine

2011 sees the release of Áiggi Askkis – An introduction to which is a two-disc compilation that sums up a career hardly any other Norwegian artist is able to match.


Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland

Hommage à Ole Bull

With this record Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland commemorate the fabulous work of Norwegian composer and violinist Ole Bull

Straum, stille


On Slagr's striking second album, tradition and modernity are entering into a darkly beguiling liaison.
Abdulrahman and Mehrnaz Surizehi

Rakhshani Love Songs and Trance Music from Balochistan

Rakshani Music from Balochistan

Etnisk Musikklubb is releasing a new CD with Rakshani music from Balochistan. Main artist on the double CD is the highly acclaimed musician Abdulrahman Surizehi from Saravan in Iranian Balochistan, now living at Ekeberg in Oslo.



Hardanger fiddler Knut Hamre is releasing a new album of traditional and new tunes called "Ferd" (Journey). Hamre is one of Norway's foremost performers of the hardanger fiddle with a long carrier as soloist and member of various ensembles.

Diom De Kossa with new CD:

Baba Toulenga - in my father's shadow

As a child he picked coffee beans in the rainforest in the north of Ivory Coast. Today he is a drum master from Holmlia in Oslo, with a musical career spanning from playing in bands with Robert Burås and Mory Kante to establishing his own band Touba Orchestra. Now they are releasing the album "Baba Toulenga - in my father's shadow".

New CD from Sudan Dudan:

Kari og Ola

The sparkling Norwegian duo Sudan Dudan are finally ready to release their follow-up of the previous success recording Sudan Dudan. Their new album is a compilation of old songs dressed in a mix of Norwegian and Anglo American folk traditions. This is singer songwriter music from the valleys of Norway!

New CD:

Hardanger fiddle music from Valdres

- The intention with this recording has not been to mimic an archaic playing style, but rather to acknowledge what the style has meant to Jan Beitohaugen Granli and show the inherent power of this music. The forgotten tunes and strange fingerings of the fiddlers at Beitohaugen seem to be fading from contemporary traditional music, the record label ta:lik states about this brand new album from master fiddler Jan Beitohaugen Granli.

New CD:

Kouame Sereba releases ambient afrobeat

African music is most commonly associated with rhythm, festivity and color. “Bako”, however, provides storytelling and a deeper, contemplative expression in which rhythm has an integral part.

New CD:

Norwegian traditional music between religion and superstition

At certain points, folk singing and fiddle playing were regarded as the purest of sins. On the album "Salme, segn og solbøn" (Psalm, tale and sun prayer), the siblings Ingvill Marit and Per Anders Buen Garnås explore the fine lines between religion and superstition in traditional music from the south eastern part of Norway.
a time to cry[1]

New CD:

A time to cry

Under the title "A time to cry", the Norwegian record label Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV) is now releasing a CD recorded this spring in a threatened Palestine home in East Jerusalem.
foto | Nick Alexander


New music for Hardanger Fiddle

Benedicte Maurseth has composed fresh and vibrant new tunes for hardanger fiddle, and on this new album she performs them all as a solo fiddler. Some of the tunes were originally composed for the theatre play "Andvake" by Jon Fosse.
Trondheimsolistene - cd[1]

The Trondheim Soloists:

Passionate play with Folk Songs

Revealing intense musical details, the new CD In Folk Style sets a new standard for the performance of Edvard Grieg's "Suite From Holberg's Time". In addition the folk musicians and soloists Gjermund Larsen and Emilia Amper perform two their own pieces on the Album.
Alle Vegne_platecover

New CD from Sondre Bratland and Annbjørg Lien:

Alle vegne

For a number of years the duo of Sondre Bratland and Annbjørg Lien has been performing in concerts in Norwegian churches. This CD, "Alle vegne" (Everywhere), presents their fully ripened versions of Norwegian religious folk songs.
johan sara_cdkover

Johan Sara jr.:


"I have lived through the different seasons in the arctic nature and I have become aware of the sounds of nature. Each season has its own shade of sound", Johan Sara jr. states about his new CD release with Sami yoik.
Eplemøya Songlag - platecover

raw, lyrical and subtle:

CD Release of Eplemøya Songlag

The choral trio Eplemøya Songlag explores and exploits the possibilities inherent in the fusion of jazz vocals and traditional Norwegian folk singing, including both traditional material which they arrange in their own way, and their own compositions written in the traditional style.
Ettern Guttorm

Etter`n Guttorm:

Album Release with popular music from the 1800s

Singer Guttorm Flisen from Elverum in the eastern part of Norway is the inspiration for a new CD by the ensemble "Etter`n Guttorm". This is popular music of the people from the 1800s, long before modern media helped to expose the music.
Annlaug - November - Kvadrat


Annlaug Børsheim

Annlaug Børsheim just released her first solo recording inspired by a number of journeys between Scotland and Norway
Sigrid Moldestad - Sandkorn


Sigrid Moldestad

Sigrid Moldestad is releasing a new record called “Sandkorn”