Stave Church Songs

Martyred Saints & Sister Bells


This new album from Elisabeth Holmertz, Anders Røine, Harald Skullerud and Elisabeth Vatn has a strong historical connection and is based on a notation for a medieval sequence dating back to the 12th century.

Songlines review

Abdulrahman Surizehi on Top of the World album

Abdulrahman Surizehi is given four out of five possible stars for his album Rakhshani Love Songs & Trance Music from Balochistan in the June 2011 edition of Songlines, and is also among the Songlines editor's choice selection of the 10 best new releases. A track from each album appears on the issue's CD cover mount.

Oluf Dimitri Røe

Meltemi - Wind of Mykonos

Oluf Dimitri Røe

A Greek-Norwegian musical journey.
cover_er det runir

Er det runir

Svein Westad, Halvor Håkanes, Anne Svånaug Haugan & Svein Stensaker

Medieval ballads and old tunes in new arrangements.

Hommage à Ole Bull

Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland

With this record Nils Økland and Sigbjørn Apeland commemorate the fabulous work of Norwegian composer and violinist Ole Bull

Moder Norge


The trio Tindra performs irresistibly charming folk music with drive and a sense for the small, fine details.

White Night - Impressions of Norwegian Folk Music

Norwegian Soloists’ Choir

The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir explores the complex landscape of folk music

Áiggi Askkis - An Introduction to

Mari Boine

2011 sees the release of Áiggi Askkis – An introduction to which is a two-disc compilation that sums up a career hardly any other Norwegian artist is able to match.


Straum, stille


On Slagr's striking second album, tradition and modernity are entering into a darkly beguiling liaison.
Abdulrahman and Mehrnaz Surizehi

Rakhshani Love Songs and Trance Music from Balochistan

Rakshani Music from Balochistan

Etnisk Musikklubb is releasing a new CD with Rakshani music from Balochistan. Main artist on the double CD is the highly acclaimed musician Abdulrahman Surizehi from Saravan in Iranian Balochistan, now living at Ekeberg in Oslo.