“I think it has something to do with what those who have lived before me, and whom I come from, have to say to me. It is also the sound of their lives I hear. As it is the sound of my life. To me, it feels as if it is the Hardanger fiddle music which best takes care of my dead ones, for instance, the way it lets itself be heard on Benedicte Maurseth’s cd Alde – Swell," Jon Fosse says about Benedicte Maurseth´s new album.

In January 2009, the Norwegian Theatre had the premier of “Andvake”, based on Jon Fosse’s novel. Benedicte Maurseth composed the music, and soon came all the good reviews. The music is now available on Benedicte’s first solo CD; Alde.
All music is composed and arranged by Benedicte Maurseth herself, she is responsible for the vocals and she plays Hardanger fiddle and viola d’amore.

Benedicte Maurseth from Eidfjord in Hardanger, now lives in Bergen and works as a freelance musician. She began to play the Hardanger fiddle when she was seven years old, with her master, Knut Hamre, and the traditional music from Hardanger is her special area, which she has also studied at the Ole Bull Academy. Lately she has also worked as a singer and even if her work as a soloist musician is closest to her heart, she also works with many of Norway's foremost artists across genres, especially within the early music, but also extensively with authors and actors - for example; Jon Fosse, Svein Tindberg, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Knut Hamre, Nils Økland, Berit Opheim and Gabriel Fliflet, to mention some.
She has toured extensively for The National Concerts Norway around the whole of Norway, and has performed in a series of solo concerts at festivals in USA, Canada, Belgium, Iceland, Germany, among other countries.

Earlier, Maurseth has brought out two CDs: Rosa i botnen (2006) and Fodne ho svara stilt (2008) and she was awarded "Young folk musician of the year" in 2007 by Concerts Norway, and was the winner of INTRO-folk, a launching program for young, promising folk musicians.