SVER’s music is recognized by a high energy-level, tight interaction and creative and modern arrangements that take the Norwegian folk-music to a new and pleasant expression.


Sigrid Moldestad

The long list of famed fiddlers from previous centuries is dominated by men. Despite the fact that female fiddlers were a minority, there have been exceptions to the rule, among other places in Nordfjord and Sunnmøre on Norway’s west coast.


Camilla Granlien band

Two great poets from Lom: Tor Jonsson (1916–1951) and Olav Aukrust (1883–1929. Though their views of rural life were far apart, it held a great influence on them both. Tor Jonsson faced much hardship in his youth and came to be critical of the closely-knit rural society, while Olav Aukrust, a champion of religious and national causes, held a more positive view of rural communities, people and lifestyles.

Songar frå Havdal

Unni Boksasp

Unni Boksasp is a warm and imaginative singer who draws you easily into the world of her own Norwegian traditions.
Lån meg vengjene_Ragnhild_Furholt_foto_talik

Lån meg vengjene

Ragnhild Furholt

With a single exception, all the tunes on this record were collected by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (1812–87). The song Hagbard og Signe was transcribed by O.M. Sandvik (1875–1976) after Svein Tveiten from Hovden, Setesdal, in 1919. I’m delving into the past, trying to uncover the myths and mysteries that lies hidden within the old stories and songs. How did people think in the old days, and how is it that the old legends, myths and songs are still alive and meaningful, even today?
Endeleg vals_Ranhild_Furebotten_Trio_foto_talik

Endeleg vals

Ragnhild Furebotten

The music of “Ragnhild Furebotten Trio” has musical preferences within contemporary music, Nordic, American and French folk music as well as classical music – reflecting a modern way of thinking and an international expression.
Trillar for to_bruvoll_halvorsen_foto_heilo

Trillar for to


Three years after their recording “Nattsang” (2004) duo Bruvoll/Halvorsen return with the sequel. Norwegian medieval ballads and folk tunes were their point of departure then as now, and this time they have expanded the concept to include some of their own material.


String Sisters

Annbjørg Lien from Norway joins Catriona Macdonald from Shetland, Liz Carroll and Liz Knowles from America, Mairead ni Mhaonaigh (Altan) from Ireland and Emma Härdelin from Sweden to assemble in Glasgow to celebrate each of their region’s musical traditions and launch their first and long-awaited CD and DVD “Live in Norway”.
Slåtter fra Hessdalen, Haltdalen og Ålen_Jon_Ole_Morken_foto_Etnisk musikklubb 08

Slåttar frå Hessdalen, Haltdalen og Ålen

Jon Ole Morken

John Ole Morken is a native of Holtålen County in the region of Trøndelag, Norway. Holtålen, located south of Trondheim and bordering on Røros, has rich music and dance traditions whose history dates back more than 200 years.