Skjermbilde 2016-10-20 kl

FolkOrg har fått nye hjemmesider

Denne nettsida er FolkOrg og Folkemusikk sine gamle hjemmesider. Ny hjemmeside for FolkOrg finner du på, og Folkemusikk sin hjemmeside finner du på Det vil i en stund framover bli liggende gammelt stoff på denne sida.

Foto : Knut Utler


Eplemøya Songlag

British journalist Kieron Tyler (Mojo, The arts desk, etc) says he will never forget his first encounter with the female a capella group Eplemøya Songlag. In 2012 Eplemøya Songlag released their second album, Møya og Myten. In this article Eplemøya Songlag talks to Kieron Tyler about their musical background, their influences and their approach to their songwriting.
Nordic Woman

Deeyah presents

Nordic Woman

"Nordic Woman" is the first music collection in an ongoing WOMAN-series dedicated to celebrating women's voices and musical heritage from around the world. It features some of the most foremost female performers from the traditional music field in Norway, and it's neighboring countries.

Sigrid Moldestad

Himmelen har sove bort mørkret

Composer, lyricist, fiddle player and singer: Sigrid Moldestad once again showcases her talents on this album. She is widely considered as one of the leading figures on the Norwegian folk music scene today.


Majorstuen - Live in concert

This Norwegian five piece celebrates it's first decade by releasing a live greatest hits collection, showcasing their mastery as both traditional fiddlers and ground breaking innovators. Here you may listen to some samples from this fresh release.

Kristiane Lund

Gamle meisterspelemenn på 78-plater - III

Kristiane Lund (1889-1976) played the fiddle all her life, and was among the very first performers of traditional music to be recorded in Norway. The earliest tracks included on this record from Buen Kulturverkstad are from 1919.


Gamle meisterspelemenn på 78-plater

Here you can listen to some of the oldest recorded traditional music from Norway, played by Ola Mosafinn (1822 - 1912) and Knut J. Dahle (1834 - 1921). The relatively poor sound quality, transmitted from old 78 rpm records, cannot hide the richness and the beauty of the music.