Moder Norge is an album of song treasures from Rogaland to be launched on the record label ta:lik. Tindra draws us into a fantastic world where the cats have aching bottoms, the billy goats are blue, and the men struggle to get the better of the ladies. This is music in which humour succeeds the darkest solemnity, and radiant passion alternates with bottomless misfortune. After ten years as a trio, Tindra has created entirely their own sound, in which the voice blends seamlessly with the fiddle and the accordion, and the music is lively and full of small, humorous detours from the good melodies.

The group carries on traditional music refreshingly and tastefully, at the same time that they create folk music in a new attire. The music is based to a large extent on old archive material, including slåttestev, folk songs, and ballads, but newer texts and lyrics have also been set to music.

On the surface, this is straightforward and simple: one pretty voice, two accomplished musicians, no other embellishments. However, rarely does one hear a trio which is so compatible in terms of sound. And then there are these small elements of great personal musicality, this reflection of everyday life which becomes elevated in good folk music.” Bergens Tidende