"On my ongoing musical journey, Magnhild Almhjell’s songs have always been shining like stars. Both because they are comforting in their familiar use of our mutual local dialect, but also because every song is touched by Magnhild and turned into shining gold. I always strive to do as much as possible of what she does in her songs – the way singers often do with their most precious sources.
Still, musicians live in the present, and this will have to be reflected in the way we express ourselves, everybody in their own way. These songs have been passed on from one generation to the next – they were given to Maghild, as they have been given to me. I feel proud to be a link in this chain, this history of women expressing themselves; so strong and so full of secrets… The songs were traditionally sung a capella. I have tried to carefully adopt them into an ensemble format, both in order to give them my personal signature and as an effort to give them more of a contemporary relevance".
- Unni Boksasp