Valkyrien Allstars is definitely a band which comes into its own live on stage and has built up a huge following in recent years. They are a folk-music group consisting of three Norwegian youths in their early twenties. They are from the eastern part of Norway and are all playing the national instrument the Hardanger Fiddle. The only girl in the group is also featuring as their leading vocal. Their music is based on traditional Norwegian tunes, but they have given the sound a new dimension and created pieces of music that gives them a more modern and international sound. They enjoy experimenting with music from other categories and cultures. In this way they succeed in bringing folk-music further ahead and can be reckoned as avant-garde in their field. The vocal gives it all a further dimension and their way of singing is also much based on original song-tradition in Norway.

Valkyrien Allstars has been awarded the first GRAPPA price for newcomers. This gave them the opportunity to send out their first CD-recording and was nominated to the Norwegian record award “Spelemannsprisen” for 2007. In September 2008 “Folkelarm” awarded them “the Folk Music Artist of the year” in Norway. Their second album "To måner" was released 31 of August 2009.