The CD "Transmission" is number two in an auditory trilogy, following the previous release; "Ludiin Muitalan" ("Telling with Yoik") with Ole Larsen Gaino. The first CD was made to honour yoik and its origin, while this CD is a tribute to Nature.

“I have lived through the different seasons in the arctic nature and I have become aware of the sounds of nature. Each season has its own shade of sound, every animal has a different tune and every bird has a distinct song. And the silence of -40 degrees is striking. These sounds were my friends while growing up, and still are today. I surround myself with these sounds and I wanted to transmit them into music, and that has become manifest in this CD.” (Johan Sara jr.)

The CD can be described as ambient electro acoustic contemporary music in five parts, built up and connected to the seasons of the year.