“World music of world class” is how Norwegian newspapers describes Torgeir Vassviks’s second album, SÁPMI, which was launched in October 2009. Crossing the borders between traditional and modern music, he creates a powerful and distinctive expression where he combines joik, the Sami drum, Siberian throat singing and sound from the nature. Torgeir Vassvik comes from the Norwegian mainland’s most Northern part, Gamvik, and he has roots in the traditional Sea Sámi culture. He is also known for his collaboration with Siberian throat singers, among others. He has gone through extensive touring both in Norway and abroad and it is his live performance which truly makes justice to his music:

”His voice, through the technique of throat singing and joik, is thick and wooden, and the heavy, bluesy sound of his ensemble - double bass, drums, trumpet- emphasise the strength and raw simplicity of this expression. It's dark as asphalt and goes straight through us. We cannot but become part of this rhythm, this voice.” Jenny Hval

“This record is dark and frightening. At the same time it is nuanced, and all of a sudden there occur beautiful, minimalistic instrumental contributions". Klassekampen