Inga Juuso’s traditional and free modern yoik inspires Steinar Raknes’ bass to explore the possibilities of blending. Together they create Skáidi, the neck of land between two rivers that float together. From this current new and fascinating music emerges. Nevertheless, they both retain their individual ways of creating music. Devoid of other instruments than bass and vocals, they conjure forth an unrefined chthonic expression, in which the mood ranges from subdued lyrical moments to reckless frenzy. The music is beautiful, stripped down, melodious and rhythmical, simultaneously as the mix of structures and improvisations render the sound-picture spontaneous and playful. Framed by Steinar’s arrangements, Inga’s voice is a sweeping tumult of vitality and life force; it is conceivable that you will return home with new-found faith in fairytales and subterranean landscapes. This encounter between two musical traditions is laced with elegance, depth and humour, and with a heart for the music.