Their music is inspired by the Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge and includes the different musical styles that the musicians themselves represent. During their tour they have incorporated the different languages and musical styles of the worlds that meet them and also invited different musicians and poets to join them on stage.

About the musicians:
UNNI LØVLID, is from Hornindal in the county of Sogn og Fjordane in west Norway. Unni is one of the most exciting folk music performers today, who dares to take traditional music to entirely new places, and has the creative imagination to do so. Unni belongs in the top category of folk musicians, something which provided her with a fundament for her masters degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She has experience from a great variety of projects and genres in the region Norwegian folk, contemporary music and electronica. She was the first musician to be nominated “Performer of the Year” at the Folkelarm festival 2006. She has released three solo albums; So ro liten tull, VITA and RITE.

BECAYE AW, originally from Mauritania, began his musical career in Senegal with the legends Mansuur Seck and Baaba Maal by his side. He has evolved his own unique way of guitar playing, inspired by kora and other African string instruments. Becaye is also a singer. He is engaged with many projects in Norway, France and Poland. In 2009 he released his first soloalbum “SIBI”.

ROLF-ERIK NYSTRØM is a Norwegian saxophonist. He released his first solo album “Concepts of Sorrows & Dangers” in 2006 to great acclaims. Nystrøm holds a masterdegree in saxophone from the Norwegian State Academy of Music and gives lectures in contemporary music at the same place. He has participated on more than 70 albums, and works also as a producer on other artists’ records. In addition to performing contemporary music, he also regularly performs west-African, Chinese, Japanese, improvised, jazz, funk and early baroque music.