In her collaboration with musicians from different cultures around the world, Inga has carried the yoik one step further. Her musical journeys have resulted in a blend of expressions rooted in tradition, but at the same time representing a new direction. She herself has commented on this: ”The yoik evolves when meeting new musicians, working with them and mixing musical styles.” Inga’s own life has developed from working as a journalist into becoming one of the most outstanding artists and performers of traditional Sami music today.

In Patterns of the Heart the classical Sami yoik merges with contemporary world music. Improvisation and open-mindedness for new forms characterize this CD. Inga and Patrick Shaw Iversen have worked together for several years, and part of this CD is a result of this collaboration. Roger Ludvigsen, another high¬profile Sami musician, has also played an important role in the production of this CD.