Henning Gustavsen contributed with three songs on the album Viser på vandring Volum 1 [Songs of the Romany People in Norway I, EM 11, 2002], and was an important co-worker in the making of its sequel, Viser på Vandring i Norden [Songs of the Romany People in Finland, Norway and Sweden, EM 21, 2007]. Now, we hear him a cappella as well as singing to his own guitar accompaniment. On several cuts he is also accompanied by banjo, mandolin, fiddle, tuba and piano. The album includes Henning’s own superbly arranged versions of familiar songs, as well as songs that will be new to most Norwegian listeners. Henning is well known as a skilful performer of Norwegian Travellers’ songs. His primary source for these is his mother, Anna, but his uncle and other relatives also have these songs as part of a strong family tradition and repertoire. Henning has a charming, natural presentation, and is comfortable performing for public and social events. He has great potential for reaching out to many kinds of audiences in Norway, the Nordic countries and beyond.