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New CD:

Hardanger fiddle music from Hallingdal


A brand new edition containing traditional music from Hallingdal is released by Etnisk Musikklubb. Master fiddle player Kristian Øvrevollseie (1910-1973) plays Hallingdal tunes on one of the CD, and some of the present performers play a variety of tunes on the other CD. In addition to the two CDs, there is also a large booklet with texts about Øvrevollseie, stories about the tunes and many interesting photos.
Kristian Øvrevollseie (1910-1973) was one of the most important fiddlers in Hallingdal in his time. He developed a distinctive playing technique, with great sound and a specific finger usage. One can say that he painted with a broad brush, while still mastering the art of the fine, small details. "You have flowers in your fingers, Kristian ", the Telemark fiddler Johannes Dahle once said to him.

Øvrevollseie saw the importance in preserving the tunes he had learned from older fiddlers. He expressed great respect for his teachers, and he felt the responsibility to take care of the music he had learnt from them. In addition to preserving the tunes, Øvrevollseie was also the kind of fiddler who was able to expand the old tunes into longer pieces of music. He often played for dancing, and he was among the fiddlers who took an interest in teaching tunes to a new generation of fiddlers.

This double edition conatins one CD with tunes played by Kristian Øvrevollseie, and one CD with tunes performed by a handful of the present performers of Hallingdal folk music.

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