Eli Storbekken have selected ditties [Norwegian: traller] that have been a part of her life for many years and songs [viser] that mean a great deal to her. Traditional calls [lokk, laling] once used by mountain herders and milkmaids are among the oldest forms of vocal music that we know of.

For several years Eli Storbekken had the idea of combining archival and new recordings, and she decided to focus on two performers whom she knew when she was a child. Ellen Berglot Fløtten (1902-1983), from Alvdal, was famous for her cow-calls, [lokkerop]. She performed often, and participated in a number of radio and television programmes. She worked at the Alvdal dairy until she became a pensioner. Ellen remained single all her life, but had a small herd of cattle which she cared for deeply. Each animal had an individual name. Kjerstina Øverland (1877-1966), from Tolga, was a fiddler and singer. She was musically gifted, had a beautiful singing voice, and performed often at dances.

Eli Storbekken is a folksinger, and comes originally from Tolga in Nord-Østerdalen. She has presented Norwegian folk songs in Norway and abroad for many years. As a teenager she performed together with her father, the well-known Norwegian folk musician Egil Storbekken, who sparked her interest in cow calls. She has a busy concert schedule as a solo artist and in connection with various projects, ranging from kvedar [traditional vocal/song] ensembles to multicultural musical collaborations.

She served as Music Director of the Maridalsspillet Pageant for six seasons (2003-2008). ‘She was responsible for hiring and directing the choir and musicians. The music was perfectly adapted to its historical period and to the dramatic events, and she herself pleased the audiences tremendously with her lovely and authentic singing.’ (Stine Frøystadvåg, Director of the Maridalsspillet Pageant)

Eli Storbekken is actively involved in teaching vocal folk music to music students at Ole Bull Academy and at various music institutions and festivals in Norway and the other Nordic countries. She has been presenting songs to children, young people and adults since the 1970s, and was on the editing committee for Sang i Norge 2008, a collection of songs used in Norwegian schools.

She has participated on 12 records and has released a solo album, Glimt (1989), as well as a book and CD, Nattergalen (2000).

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