Sigurd Brokke was born in 1971 in Hylestad, Valle. He plays Jew’s harp in the Setesdal tradition. His style is often very personal and inspired by many different sources. Sigurd won the Jew’s harp class at Landskappleiken, the annual national competition, in 2003 and 2004. He has also won several local competitions in Agder and Telemark.
Daniel Sandén-Warg was born in 1977 in Østersund, Sweden. He grew up in Karlstad, where he started playing the guitar at an early age, Jimi Hendrix was his idol. Daniel was early discovered as a great talent, for example by the Swedish television. Magnus Stinnerbom in the folk music group Harv was the first to make Daniel interested in folk music. Leif Stinnerbom, the father of Magnus, introduced Daniel to the music of Torleiv H. and Hallvard T. Bjørgum, and he immediately became enthusiastic about the music from Setesdal. He first taught himself the tunes from cassette tapes, and then sent recordings of himself to Hallvard T. Bjørgum. Hallvard was so impressed that he immediately invited Daniel to Setesdal and in 1998, Daniel moved there. He has learned much from Hallvard T. Bjørgum, and also learned many tunes from archive recordings. Daniel shows a unique musicality and has a special ability to acquire various styles of folk music.