This timeless music is likely to hit you like a ton of bricks and a waft of the gentlest wind. That’s how it was for me. With this album, Per Anders and Daniel have brought to light important musical elements that have been pushed aside by other musical trends for years and years. Exactly what they consist of is best left to the listener to explore.

The tunes are mostly from Tinn inTelemark and Rysstad in Setesdal. Knut J. Heddi lived at Rysstad and his style was continued primarily by Andres K. Rysstad (1893–1984). Torleiv H.Bjørgum (1921–1990) passed what he learned from Andres to his son Hallvard T. Bjørgum (b. 1956), who became Daniel’s primary source of material after Knut J. Heddi. Knut Dahle spent his life in Tinn and his tunes were taken up by his grandsons Johannes (1890–1980) and Gunnar Dahle (1902–1988). In turn, Olav K. Øyaland (b. 1922) learned a large part of Johannes’repertoire. He is Per Anders’primary source of music after Knut Dahle.