The trio Eplemøya Songlag consists of one folk singer and two jazz singers, a unique combination which creates a distinctive idiom in the world of Norwegian folk music. The members of this dynamic vocal trio are Liv Ulvik (folk singer), Wenche Losnegård and Anja Eline Skybakmoen (jazz vocalists).

This small choral group explores and exploits the possibilities inherent in the fusion of jazz vocals and traditional Norwegian folk singing (kveding). The group’s members have different musical backgrounds and experience, and take advantage of these differences to create a new sound together – using only their voices. Their repertoire includes both traditional material which they arrange in their own way, and their own compositions written in the traditional style. They offer a delightful mixture of humour and suspense, experimental improvisation and the art of story-telling. The soundscape is sometimes raw, sometimes lyrical and subtle.

In the summer of 2009 Eplemøya Songlag reached the finals of the prestigious competition IntroFOLK, arranged by Concerts Norway among others. After the concert for the semi-final round, the jury had the following to say:

‘An exceptionally strong vocal trio which has found an original form of expression, and which will be exciting to watch in the years to come.’ (Steinar Ofsdal, Johan Sara Jr, Unni Løvlid and Anne Moberg)

In November 2009 Eplemøya Songlag won Debut09, a competition arranged by Concerts Norway, Oslo World Music Festival and Jungeltelegrafen on the radio channel P2. The jury named Eplemøya Songlag as the winner from among the four finalists, and jury chair Guttorm Andreasen said:

‘Conservative and modern, new and old … Like Portishead meeting a Bulgarian women’s choir…’