With Norwegian fiddle music as a starting setting they have jointly managed to create a modern and cheerful musical expression with inspiring arrangements and harmonies. They are now releasing their new album “EINS”, available from the 26th of November.

BRITT PERNILLE FRØHOLM has been exploring many different ways of employing her knowledge of Norwegian folk music traditions, for instance by playing contemporary music, collaborating with composers, and improvising with jazz musicians. With her thriving performance she received great critics for her solo album “For allje dei” (2008): “Frøholm treats the instruments with natural authority, enthusiasm and a elaborated notion for nuances. Every stroke performed rests on a long life of fiddle playing”

IRENE TILLUNG from Voss, is a recognized accordionist known for her richness in details and versatile use of the instrument. She has studied classical music, but has over the last few years also worked with folk and traditional music in different settings, as an artist, composer and arranger. She plays in the group Tindra that was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in 2007.

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