With a good mix of life observations and an open declaration of love to their roots has Diomede Kossa they made an album that is as magical as direct and which at times carries an almost aggressive set of rhythms.

Diom De Kossa has for years made his own music based on his thorough knowledge of the various musical traditions of the Ivory Coast, which he got through his work as a drum master in the Ivory Coast National Ballet. On this album Diom De Kossa shows himself as a singer and songwriter in addition to his undisputed status as a percussionist.

He has allied himself with some of Norway's leading musicians in the world music and jazz genre, and together thay have created an original album in which they gently combine Western ideas with traditions from the Ivory Coast. Kenneth Ekornes (drums, percussion, vocals), Khalid Salih (bass, vocals), Olav Torget (guitars, konting, vocals) have played with artists such as Mari Boine, Kristin Asbjornsen, Karl Seglem, Steinar Ofsdal, Jon Balke and Geir Lysne.