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About FolkOrg

FolkOrg’s (The Norwegian Traditional Music and Dance Association) foremost goal is to maintain the unbroken folk music and dance tradition in Norway and to promote Norwegian folk music and dance as full-fledged art forms. FolkOrg carry out non-profit activities committed to the promotion of folk music and dance. We aspire to expand Norwegian and international recognition of folk music culture in all its quality and diversity.

Our objectives

  • To encourage the promotion, distribution and performance of folk music artists at national and international levels;
  • To work on behalf of the folk music community by representing their concerns and interests to the public and to the government;
  • To inform folk music artists of developments that could affect the folk industry in Norway;
  • To establish and improve the connection with the international folk music community through participation at conferences, expeditions and festivals
  • To ensure communication using our online tools

Our strategies

  • Ongoing networking and development of an enduring, joint folk music community
  • Participation at regional, national and international conferences of importance, in order to boost recognition of Norwegian folk music and dance outside of the country.
  • Production of and accessibility to promotional tools that help maximize recognition of Norwegian folk and dance artists.
  • Develop partnerships and initiate new projects in collaboration with musicians, record labels, agents and festivals.

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